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5 Go Mad in Vegas

5 Go Mad in Vegas

5 Go Mad in Vegas…

OK, so we’re off on our annual pilgrimage to the desert. Las Vegas bound to Licensing EXPO to meet the great and the good of UK licensing and retail

Most of our licensing partners attend and this year we have an excellent attendance list of our retail customers too. We’ll be there to search out new ideas and opportunities and also hope to get the affirmation that those licenses we’ve already put pen to paper on, are indeed the right ones. And, just for the record that’s the only bit of gambling we do out there…Honest Guv!!!!

As important as individual properties are, a hugely important aspect of the show is ensure that we, along with our retail and licensing partners are establishing and cementing the right relationships for the long term

So as we walk the aisles, press the flesh and endure the 50+ meetings we have, we’ll all be looking forward to landing safely in a weeks time, knowing we’ve made the most of the week

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